Temporary Home

Temporary Home has been held three times in London and Berlin between 2015 and 2018, always in friends' homes, making use of the spaces we already have rather than finding external event spaces.

For each event visitors are asked to become temporary residents and to bring an object that represents home for them. Temporary Home means an opportunity to share stories of objects in relation to memories. Upon arrival visitors find a place to display their objects and write its story on a caption card. The object stories collection from past events are available to browse through. Through the temporary residents' object stories conversations start, like this everyone is an active part of creating the Temporary Home. When leaving, visitors take their object back home with them, the object story stays and becomes part of the collection.

Think about which object represents home for you the most, or at the moment, is it still there, where? And why did you place it here? Objects become what they are when we connect memories or actions with them. They emBODY their value and meaning.

Temporary Home is a true place to participate in. A home happens when people create a common space, either out of choice or through inevitable interactions that take place when people live together. In any case it is a space of community where people and objects form an environment that welcomes, protects, shares and stimulates.

For event images and object stories visit @_temporary_home_ on Instagram

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